Cold Soba Salad Luciable Style!

After a day of questionable food choices (scone for breakfast, 5 chicken wings for lunch, and Animal Fries from In and Out to tide me over from 2pm to 10:30pm), I figured I should probably eat something a bit more healthful to wipe my food conscience. It was too late for take-out or grocery shopping, though, so that left me with only one choice. Random put-together fridge raid snack!

The Leftover Healthful Stuff I Was Shunning in Favor of Tortilla Chips and Fake Cheese Dip

  • 1/4 bundle of dried soba noodles
  • cold soba dipping sauce (can be found in Asian grocery aisle)
  • arugula (mm..peppery!)
  • red radishes (got them cuz I thought they were cute – double peppery!)
  • green onions (mmm..bad breath here I come!)
  • egg (piece de resistance!!!)

The Cook with as Little Oil as Possible Method to Minimize Cleaning of Greasy Utensils Since the Dishwasher Is STILL Broken

  1. boil water in a pot
  2. dump soba in
  3. while water is boiling and soba is cooking, thinly slice radishes and chop up the green onions
  4. fill a shallow dipping bowl with cold soba sauce and dump the radishes and green onions in to let them steep a while
  5. rinse the arugula and put it in a bowl
  6. when the soba is done, fish it out with chopsticks and put it on top of the bed of arugula – mix it all up and let it sit
  7. put an egg into the still boiling water (heat turned to 7 for me) and poach an egg to preferred doneness
  8. put poached egg on top of arugula noodle mix

..and you’ll end up with something like this!

cold soba noodles with radishes, green onion, arugula, soba dipping sauce and poached egg

Cold Soba Salad Luciable Style!

To Eat: grab a chopstickfull of noodles and arugula, and dunk it in the radish onion sauce. Pick up some radish and onion before shoveling into mouf!


The spicy radishes lost some of their bite after sitting in the soba sauce, and the green onions of course added their wonderful oniony-ness to the dish. There were a lot of strong, peppery, biting flavors that I could just feel cleansing my system. If the arugula + radish combo ever got too overwhelming for my palate, I’d just go for a bit of the creamy poached egg to smooth it all over.

My brother has always told me that my food combinations are a bit odd, but I think this one actually came out pretty well – if a bit inauthentic. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


I love to cook and eat, but above all, I love to eat with friends and family.