Pad Thai GrubKit

Pad Thai GrubKit

This GrubKit, which I won from one of The Daily Meal‘s promotions, was the perfect way to introduce my parents to Thai food. After years of failing to drag them out to Thai restaurants (“Why should we spend money on mutated Chinese food,” they always said), it seemed like the only way to get them to try it would be to bring it to them. And of course, if your daughter painstakingly makes it for you, how could you possibly not give it a try?

Luckily for me, the GrubKit makes it RIDICULOUSLY easy to make Pad Thai. I got a wonderful little package in the mail, complete with a recipe card and all of the ingredients I would need (minus the protein and fresh vegetables), pre-measured out. I didn’t even have to brave the ethnic ingredients aisle at the grocery store. (WIN!)

Just follow the instructions, and voila! Pad Thai! At 20 dollars a box with 4 generous portions inside, a kit makes for a perfect cooking party if you have friends who want to foray into making Asian food. Since it recommends cooking the noodles portion by portion, everyone can have a try! 😀

GrubKit also has cooking kits for chickpea curry, Kung (wa)Pao(!) chicken, healthy banana nut muffins and more. As this kit was pretty failproof, I’m fairly sure it’d be the perfect gift for the inexperienced friend who’s afraid of the kitchen.

Go forth and Grub! This product has been Luciables Approved!




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