Insane Grilled Cheese Meat Cheese Thing

Insane Grilled Cheese Meat Cheese Thing

It’s Thursday evening here in Japan and after an all around crappy day I decided that tonight would be my cheat meal for the week. After conferring with luciables on what I should eat, she suggested I make that “insane grilled cheese meat cheese thing”….which only meant one thing, so here it is. Enjoy.
Step 1: I finely chopped 3 garlic cloves and few pickled jalapeno slices.

Step 2: I put a few slices of bacon into my food processor (die die die die die die).

Step 3: mix the ground bacon with about 1/3lb of ground beef, 1 egg and seasoning of your choice. Then place on a sheet of plastic wrap and cover with another sheet.

Step 4: Roll out the burger to about 1/4″ thickness. Then remove the top layer of plastic wrap and add two slices of cheese. (Cheddar cheese in Japan is poor quality, at best it tastes like american cheese.)

Step 5: Using the bottom layer of plastic wrap fold up the burger. (Hamburger buns are nearly impossible to find in Japan so I shape my burgers into squares to fit better on bread slices.)


Step 6: After making the last fold, seal up the seams. I’ve found that wrapping up the burger with the bottom layer of plastic wrap and throwing it in the freezer for two hours helps during the broiling process.

Step 7: While the burger is in the broiler (low heat 9mins each side), it’s time to make the grilled cheese sandwich buns.

Step 8: Now that the grilled cheese buns are finished, it’s time to cook the hashbrown patties (optional).

Step 9: Now put it all together with your favorite condiments and and enjoy with a beer. (Pictured above is Dogfish Head 90 minute Imperial IPA.)