Burgermeister - My Best Hangover Meal Yet

Burgermeister – My Best Hangover Meal Yet

Oh my god wow. The burgers at Burgermeister are fucking amazing.

The Burgermeister. The bacon hangs off the edge like a piece of drool. Yeah, this burger knows how hot it is.

I got the Burgermeister burger, which comes with sauteed onions and mushrooms, cheese, bacon and avocado. For some reason, my hungover self decided I needed the half pound patty…which probably was my BEST IDEA EVER. Hungover self, I commend you, and I should follow your advice more often.

I ended up knife and forking the burger because there was no way for me to pick it up without everything falling out. Here’s a cross-section photo so you can see what a gorgeous masterpiece of burger engineering this thing is.

So many colors! So much flavor! Is this what a Monet would taste like?

Let’s break it down. So much of the time, the burger bun is what messes up a burger for me. The fillings can be great (meat, bacon cheese, what’s not to like?) but if the bun is wrong, it just kills the whole ensemble. I was so glad that this bun was a no-frills substantial piece of bread (with some sesame on top) that could stand up to everything inside of it. The Niman Ranch patty had been grilled to medium, which meant it had a smoky, but still juicy, meaty flavor. The bacon gave it even more of that smoky punch, but with a salty, fatty crunch. The onions and mushrooms tasted like they’d been seasoned with white pepper, which completely won me over. The lettuce, tomato, raw onion and pickles added a refreshing, palate-cleansing touch, and countered the greasiness just a tiny bit. Though when I saw a puddle of oil coming out of the back end, I kind of stopped fooling myself–there’s no way that small amount of roughage could save my already clogging arteries.

I think my burger wet itself.

If I had one complaint, it would be that the sauteed mushrooms and onions were too greasy, as both of those vegetables tend to soak up a lot of oil. While I think it’s acceptable for a piece of bacon to be dripping with the stuff, it’s not something I like to see a vegetable do.

Yeah…it’s definitely time to work out.


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