Where to Taste: Winery Suggestion #1

Where to Taste: Winery Suggestion #1

Wine tasters in California tend to flock to Napa Valley, which indisputably has an incredible selection of delicious and distinctive wines.  But there are plenty of great options for wine tasting throughout California – and the SF Bay Area is no exception.

So, my first suggestion for those who live locally and are interested in trying a wide variety of wines is Morgan Hill Cellars (aka Pedrizzetti Winery).

Usually, I am happy to find one or two wines I enjoy at a specific winery, but this one offers many delicious options.  Both my parents and I have taken many of our friends and family members to this winery, and so far, no one has left disappointed – partially because of the friendly and knowledgeable staff, and partially because of the great variety of their wines.  Pedrizzetti offers a selection of whites, reds, & ports (sweet, stronger wines), and a separate list of fruity wines.

My personal recommendations are (one from each category): the Chardonnay, the Blackberry Merlot, the Vino Rosso Dolce, and the Peach fruit wine – but I like many others, and recommend you try them all to discover your favorites!

When they do not have special events happening, you can also pack a lunch, buy a bottle of a wine you liked, and enjoy a picnic in a comfortable and beautiful setting under a grapevine canopy.



Open 10am-5pm, Tuesday – Sunday

1645 San Pedro Avenue
Morgan Hill, California 95037