The Best Denny's Ever

The Best Denny’s Ever

I’ve been to various Denny’s diners all up and down the California coast. Whether I’m in LA or SF, Denny’s is kind of my go to place. It’s convenient, and you generally know exactly what you’re gonna get when you walk into the door. Denny’s is also my default diner simply because California seems to be lacking in the 24-hour dine-in restaurant department, and because anytime is pancake time.

My brother's pancakes! $2. Mine were a bit deformed. πŸ™

I think it’s a widely accepted fact that Denny’s service is shit. It takes forever to get seated, and it usually takes even longer to wave down a server who will take your order. By the time your food comes you don’t even care how it tastes anymore because you’re so fucking hungry (drunk) that you’re just glad you finally have food in front of you. Having said all of that, I think you’ll understand how astonished I was when I found myself saying these words: “Wow, this Denny’s has good service!”

I have found the best Denny’s ever, and I will share its location with all 2 (really just 1) of you who read this blog.

10 Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA

Whenever I’m there, we get seated immediately, get our orders taken promptly even if we need to take some time deciding, get water immediately, get it refilled just as fast, and are eating what we ordered before I even have time to get fidgety. And, they come back and check on how we’re doing.

I was so happy, I decided to masquerade as Pancake Face. You should take note of 2 things:

1. This pancake is as big as my face, and my face is pretty big.

2. I’m super happy in this photo.

Denny's, can I be your mascot? And once again, are my hands really that manly? I had no idea.

After this photo was taken, it was basically pancake demolition time. Eat big and eat happy!




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