Luciables' Turkey Dumpling Soup!

Luciables’ Turkey Dumpling Soup!

Haha, I personally think this dish should get the “Looks Disgusting but Tastes Amazing” award. Seriously, I think a substance similar in color and texture once floated up towards me as I stared down at it from my vantage point on the edge of the toilet bowl (epic hangover achieved).

But anyways, this Turkey Dumpling Soup was extremely easy to make and tasty to boot! And look at those wonderfully diced carrots! Badges of pride, those carrots.

This soup gets its start from a happy fit of laziness. My friends and I had an after-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving feast, since we were all busy Thanksgiving weekend. My friend brought a turkey over and roasted it, and we decided to throw the neck and tail into a pot with some pepper, salt, thyme and a bay leaf, thinking we’d use it for gravy if necessary.

Lazy and hungry as we were, we ended up skipping the gravy and digging straight into the turkey and assorted fixings. …which meant I ended up pouring all of the turkey pan drippings into this pot as well. The result? A potful of gelatinous turkey broth – super concentrated, rich, and ready for souping.

For this soup, I basically used a Food Network recipe, and simplified it a bit so that I could use whatever I had on hand.

Into the pot went

  • water
  • peppercorns
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • a carrot
  • an onion
  • some crushed garlic
  • some turkey meat
  • bisquik biscuit mix (followed the instructions on the box. :D)

And the result is the gelatinous mess you see above! I swear it tastes better than it looks! 😀


I love to cook and eat, but above all, I love to eat with friends and family.